Outfit Types for 60-70 Degree Weather

I realized quickly after arriving in Florida that I didn’t pack Palmer or myself enough layers. I thought I had this packing thing down but turns out I’m still learning. My post today is pretty specific but it’s the second time we’ve run into this issue so I feel like it warrants a share. At the very least maybe I’ll stop making this mistake!

In March last year we traveled to Savannah, GA and this past March we visited Rosemary Beach, FL. Both times the weather forecast was in the high 60’s and sunny so naturally, coming from cold, grey Chicago, I envisioned us in summer dresses, jean jackets and sandals, which is what I packed. Turns out, that wasn’t nearly enough.

Luckily the weather turned warmer in Florida after our first day but still, it wasn’t straight-into-your-bathing-suit type of weather and we needed layers in the morning and evening after the sun went down. Most days were pretty similar – morning coffee/breakfast run, beach, early evening walk, dinner, bed – so that got me thinking that there are really five distinct outfit types needed for a vacation in 60-70 degree weather.

  1. Pajamas // This is a no-brainer, hopefully but also super important! I wore this tried and true long-sleeve pajama set our entire vacation.
  2. Casual Morning Outfit // Something you can throw on to run out and grab coffee or breakfast when the temps are still cool before the sun has really warmed up the day. Examples include: yoga pants + sweatshirt + tennis shoes or long sleeve midi-dress + white sneakers. This outfit is also the perfect travel outfit whether you’re road tripping or flying to your final destination.
  3. Mid-Day Outfit // Depending on the day and itinerary, you may be able to stay in your Casual Morning Outfit or you may want to change now that the sun is in full force and temps are on the rise. For our most recent trip to Rosemary Beach, this consisted primarily of bathing suits + cover ups but if you’re not heading to the beach/pool consider a cute dress + light sweater + sandals or white jeans + a cute top.
  4. Afternoon & Evening Outfit // Depending on how you spent your day, you may want to get more dressed up for the evening Especially if you spent the day at the beach/pool and plan to shower before dinner. If you’re going out, consider a jumpsuit + jean jacket or jeans + sweater but keep in mind that temperatures drop again after the sun sets and it can get chilly. *Toddler specific add: if this is a beach vacation, you’ll need a nap outfit between Mid-Day and Afternoon/Evening since a wet bathing suit probably isn’t the best idea. We would bath Palmer and put her in a simple white onesie while she napped.*
  5. Activity Specific Outfit // This one is a bit of a catch-all for specific activities you plan to do on vacation. Our days in Florida were all pretty similar so we simply rotated through the previous four outfit types but I knew we were planning to rent bikes one day so I made sure to pack us a more ‘sporty’ look including bike shorts + oversized t-shirt + tennis shoes.

I do feel like 70 degrees is the threshold between cool and comfort. As soon as highs reached the low 70’s in Florida, it was much more enjoyable to walk and dine outside in dresses, even after the sun went down. We still brought and used Palmer’s blanket with us every night but it wasn’t really necessary after the first night. Hopefully you all can learn from my mistakes and pack enough layers to stay warm for your next spring break trip!



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