Holiday Gift Guide: For Kids

Brainstorming Christmas gifts for Palmer brings me so much joy. Even though she’ll only be 18 months this year, I can’t wait to see her face Christmas morning as she opens her presents. I just know she’ll love everything and I envision all of the memories we’ll make with each in their own way. We’ve taken a pretty frugal stance on toys in our home which makes Christmastime all the more special.

I have to admit though, prior to having a child of my own, I had no idea what toys were age appropriate or even interesting to toddlers [or kids for that matter]. However, these days my mind is brimming with ideas and I’m constantly observing and noting things I think Palmer will enjoy. For example, she loves watching me in the kitchen and is frustrated she can’t always see what I’m doing so the Kitchen Helper will be the perfect way to include her during meal prep and clean up. Check out all my toddler gift picks below!

[1. Newborn Doll // 2. Dimpl Digits // 3. Chelsea Kitchen Collection // 4. IZIPIZI Polarized Sunglasses // 5. Artifact Uprising Baby Board Book // 6. Kids’ Step-Up Kitchen Helper // 7. SpinAgain // 8. Veggie Baby Finger Paint // 9. Personalized Name Puzzle // 10. Traditional Soccer Ball // 11. Squigz // 12. My First Anywhere Chair]

Similarly, I don’t have the first clue about what teens are into these days. Just saying that makes me feel ancient but it’s true. Luckily, I have a niece who puts together a robust Christmas list each year which served as my inspiration for the following young female teen gift guide. I have to be honest, I hadn’t heard of many of these brands and was shocked to see so many positive reviews. Clearly, she’s not the only one who covets these items.

[1. Pura Vida Jewelry (Ring, Necklace, Earrings) // 2. Everywhere Belt Bag // 3. IPSY Beauty Subscription // 4. Banned Goods Pink Toe Slippers // 5. Mary Jane Glow Serum // 6. Unicorn Fruit Whipped Body Butter // 7. Hemp Acne Patches // 8. Balm Dotcom // 9. Ilyapa Jewelry Organizer // 10. Custom Air Force Ones // 11. Hotty Hot Shorts]

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