Maternity Pictures: What to Wear

We finally pulled the trigger on maternity pictures and I just LOVE how they turned out. We didn’t do them when I was pregnant with Palmer and I slightly regret it because I think it’s such a special stage in life, one that I know I’ll look back on fondly so I knew I wanted to do them eventually but, if I’m being honest, I had so much on my plate I thought, I’ll just do them next time. Then I realized, I don’t know what the future holds. We may decide we’re done after two, we may not be able to conceive again, the list goes on and so I made it a priority.

I am 34 weeks pregnant in these photos and we worked with Brenda Robles who is incredible and made us feel so comfortable. She is professional but warm and has such a beautiful aesthetic and a very calming presence, especially with Children. If you’re in the Chicagoland area, I highly recommend Brenda who is located in Highwood, just 30 minutes north of Chicago.

By the time we decided to do the pictures and Brenda’s availability, I had less than a week to prep. That made finding outfits a little challenging because I was mostly limited to what I had or what I could find in stores, which honestly wasn’t much. That said, I had a pretty good idea of the shots I wanted to capture and so I thought it would be fun to share some inspiration below in case you’re in a similar phase of life.

Outfit #1: Feminine & Ethereal

Outfit Details: Nude Bralette + Lace Duster [more lace dusters here and here]

I was actually looking for a sheer, white dress with long sleeves and delicate embroidery – not too specific, eh? – where I could remove the slip and let the outer layer drape artfully around me but [surprise, surprise] I couldn’t find anything in the stores so the duster was my backup plan and I do love how it turned out. It definitely hits on the feminine, ethereal vibe that I was going for and I love that it can be worn open or closed.

Outfit #2: Cool Casual

Outfit Details: Calvin Klein Bralette and Jeans

I first saw this look on Brenda’s IG page and instantly knew I wanted to recreate it. This casual look is timeless and I love that it’s a little sporty and more casual but still super chic way to showcase the bump.

Outfit #3: Classically Chic

Outfit Details: Fitted Black Ribbed Turtleneck Dress [more fitted black dresses here and here]

This is the original look I wanted to recreate. It’s a pretty classic shot as far as maternity pictures go but I love the sharp contrast it creates, especially in black and white, and the beautiful way to highlights the bump profile. This look will never go out of style and is so easy to replicate.

Outfit #4: Romantic and Sweet

Outfit Details: White Dress [more white dresses here and here]

This was actually a last minute add. I had attempted all week to find a sweet, romantic dress and kept striking out. I had this swiss dot one on backup for my sprinkle or newborn photos and threw it into my bag as an afterthought. I’m glad I did because I love how all the pretty details pop and how pure and innocent this look is which is perfect for maternity pictures.

Outfit planning can be stressful in and of itself but dressing the bump in a way that feels comfortable and flattering can be downright frustrating at times. I hope this helps when it comes to selecting maternity picture outfits!



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