Men’s Birthday Gift Guide

In honor of Kevin’s birthday last week, I decided to share a Men’s Birthday Gift Guide! I don’t know why but I find shopping for guys to be super frustrating. It always seems like they have everything and need nothing. This year, I got Kevin a Philips Pasta Maker and Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine because he’s been watching Searching for Italy with Stanley Tucci and is on a big food and wine kick at the moment. In keeping with the theme, “Palmer” got him a bunch of fruit and vegetable plants that they can plant, grow and harvest together this spring and summer.

This gift guide is comprised of gifts that I’ve given Kevin over the years and things that he owns and loves or uses frequently. While it is a “birthday guide” you can easily use this as inspiration for father’s day, the holidays or any other gift giving occassion. Some of my favorite stores to shop for men include Lululemon, Patagonia, Nordstrom and Yeti. And if all else fails, anything golf related or a round of 18 is always a good fall back.

[1. Speaker // 2. Massage Gun // 3. Fleece Vest // 4. Leather Duffle Bag // 5. Watch // 6. All Bird Wool Shoes // 7. AirPods // 8. Mug // 9. Boxer Briefs // 10. Atomic Habits Book // 11. Running Shoes // 12. Portable Cooler // 13. Steak Knives // 14. Golf Balls]



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