Christmas Gifts We Use Daily

We’re almost a month out from Christmas now so I thought it would be fun to do a post on the Christmas gifts we’ve used almost daily since we opened them. It’s been eye opening to see which gifts deliver the biggest bang for your buck and which are still in their original packaging. A few that made the list were definitely a splurge but many were under $50 and well worth it. One item not pictured that I’m sure will top the list is Kevin’s surprise gift to me – a Peloton! It hasn’t arrived yet but I’m already using the app to do workouts multiple times a week and I can’t wait to get spinning. I promise to report back with a review after I’ve tried it out. Cheers!

[Kevin // Carhartt Hat & Courant Catch 2 Charger]

[Kara // 2021 Planner & iPhone 12 Pro]

[Palmer // Slipper Booties & Milton & Goose Play Kitchen and Refrigerator]

[Gus // Fleece Jacket & Ruffwear Booties]

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