First Anniversary Gift Guide: Paper

My love language is gifts. I have always enjoyed picking out thoughtful and creative gifts for holidays or just because. On the flip side, I’ve always expected a similar level of effort in return. However, despite all my best efforts and to my utter disappointment, Kevin is not a gift giver. Thus my expectations have changed over the years and I’ve taken it upon myself to instead plan a trip for our wedding anniversary each year. For our first anniversary, we went to Santa Catalina Island off the coast of California and our ‘paper’ gifts to each other? The ferry tickets we purchased to get there!

But, in case there’s anyone out there like me who enjoys the art of gift giving, here are a few ideas for first wedding anniversary gifts.

1. Tickets

Of all varieties! Plane, train, ferry, concert, sporting event, museum, festival, etc. Plus you get the added bonus of actually doing the activity together.

2. Journal

A nice journal like this monogrammed one that can be used practically to take notes, write lists and jot down things to remember or to record everyday life and important events. I actually brought a journal with me on our honeymoon so I could write down our experience and I’ve loved reading it back.

3. Books

I personally love books and so does Kevin. And it doesn’t just have to be a book for reading, it can be a cook book, coffee table book or guide book. I’m currently eyeing this Tom Ford book and this Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty book.

4. Magazine/Newspaper Subscription

My parents always received the newspaper growing up but I don’t know many people my age who actually receive and read the physical newspaper. We recently subscribed to Wall Street Journal and it’s Kevin’s new favorite ritual every morning. Just like with paper books, there’s something cathartic to reading an actual newspaper.

5. Paper Lanterns

This is more of an experience you can create with your significant other. Buy paper lanterns and write your vows or other wishes you have for each other/your marriage and release them together.

6. Picture/Print

Have a photograph from your wedding or other happy memory printed and framed. You can also purchase prints from Etsy, Minted or somewhere similar.

7. Card

This feels like a no brainer but if you prefer a simple gift and aren’t big gift givers, a nice card or hand written letter goes a long way.

8. Personalized Stationary

Thank you cards seem never ending after the wedding but soon enough you’ll be on to the next big life event and trust me, these will come in handy.

9. Card Games

My current favorite is Monopoly Deal but there are a ton of options out there including Skip-Bo, Table Topics, Cards Against Humanity or just a good old fashioned deck of cards.

10. Puzzle

We really got into puzzles during quarantine this year, along with everyone else in the country. Ravensburger makes a nice quality puzzle that will keep you busy for hours or weeks if you choose.

11. Lottery Scratch Card

Who knows, maybe you’ll actually win?

12. Passport

Great gift your significant other doesn’t already have one or if they recently changed their name and need an updated one. I changed my name over a year ago and still need to update my passport.

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