DIY Crayon Letters for Valentine’s Day

Just one week until Valentine’s Day! In case you missed it, I shared this kids Valentine’s Day gift guide a few weeks ago and this list of Non-Material Valentine’s Day Activities & Gifts to help celebrate the occasion with your significant other.

But if you’re still on the hunt for kid friendly valentines, look no further! When Palmer’s school emailed to say no food, no candy, no toys – it didn’t leave too many options. Enter, these DIY Crayon Letters inspired by Kendall from @styledsnapshots. These are super easy to make and turned out great. Plus, the best part is that this activity is also super kid friendly. Palmer helped me remove the wrappers, break the crayons and fill the molds which was fun for us to do together.

Here’s what you’ll need: Crayons [I used about 250 Crayons for 12 names], Silicone Letter Mold [but you can also do hearts or other shapes], Plastic Bags, Crinkle Paper, Confetti Hearts, Twine, Valentine Tags.

DIY Letter Crayon Steps

1. Remove Wrappers: To easily remove Crayon wrappers, soak them in warm water and dish soap for five minutes.

2. Let Dry & Preheat Oven: While crayons dry, preheat oven to 250.

3. Fill Silicone Mold: Break crayons into smaller pieces and fill the silicone mold

Pro Tip: try to fill above the surface so you have thicker crayons

4. Bake: Place mold on baking sheet and bake for 15 minutes or until fully melted.

Pro Tip: Cover your baking sheet with parchment paper – crayon wax somehow ends up everywhere and it’s tough to get off once it cools

5. Remove & Cool: Let cool for at least 20 minutes

Pro Tip: I broke a bunch of letters trying to remove them from the mold on my first attempt so I recommend actually letting them sit longer [I actually put mine outside in the cold for a bit to help cool them down]

6. Remove From Mold: Carefully remove letters from the mold and set aside.

7. Package & Distribute: Once Crayon letters are ready, package them in the clear plastic bags with crinkle paper and confetti hearts, then tie them with twine and attach the Valentine tag!

DIY Crayon Letters for Valentine’s Day

That’s all there is to it! These are super easy and inexpensive – especially if you opt to package in a simpler way. This would also make an amazing birthday party favor if you just swap the letters for an animal or something related to the party theme.

And one last word to the wise, if you’re making these for a large class, I suggest buying more than one mold. Palmer only has seven other kids in her class and I had to make 10 rounds of A’s and L’s just to complete their first names. That’s a lot of baking and cooling time when you had it all up – LOL!



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