Easter Baskets for Toddlers

Easter is right around the corner so it’s time to start thinking about Easter Baskets! I’m in the process of ordering a few items for Palmer so I figured I’d share some of the items I’m currently eyeing. Similar to Valentine’s Day, Easter is another holiday where I feel like excessive gifting isn’t necessary but I do love the Easter Basket tradition and think it’s a good alternative to sugary treats. Especially since Palmer isn’t at the age where she understands the Easter Egg hunt.

[1. Wooden Puzzles // 2. Customizable Plate // 3. Easter Basket Liner // 4. Stuffed Bunny // 5. Sidewalk Chalk // 6. Easter PJs – Infant & Toddler // 7. The Dough Project Playdough // 8. Pete the Cat Big Easter Adventure Book // 9. Name Puzzle // 10. Marshmallow Book // 11. Finger Paint]

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