Wall Art I Currently Love

This year my goal is to finally put some art on our walls! Previously, I’ve always lived in rentals and moved frequently so I’ve never wanted to deal with the hassle of finding a piece that fit, punching holes into the wall to hang it and then patching up said holes in order to get my security deposit back. Plus, I’ve never really known what I want to even put on my walls. Growing up, we always displayed family photos in picture frames on side tables and mantles, never the wall, and I find myself gravitating towards that style as well. Currently, I’m drawn to neutral, abstract pieces on a framed canvas or vintage portraits and sketches.

Over the last few years, I’ve start saving pictures of art/artists I like and so I figured I’d share some of the inspiration I’m pulling from as I embark on this project. I’m a long way out from commissioning anything custom or buying expensive or noteworthy pieces for my walls but I’ve discovered that you can still find nice, affordable options at places like HomeGoods, T.J. Maxx, Etsy, Minted, Collection Prints, Target and even OfferUp/Craigslist. Until I really nail down my style, this is probably where I’ll stick to buying artwork.

However, regardless of if it’s the real deal or not, it’s important to have an eye for what you like and where it may fit within your home so you can snag it when you see it. Good quality, affordable art tends to move quickly so be ready to pull the trigger when you find something that works!

[1. Horizontal Flow Wall Art // 2. Neutral Swirl Set // 3. Sky Sea Framed Wall Art // 4. Josh Young Design House // 5. Abstract Watercolor // 6. Altered Vintage Portrait Painting // 7. Reticent 2pc Printed Tinted Gel Canvas // 8. Neutral Abstract II // 9. Contemporary Abstract Painting // 10. Figure of Ebba Wall Art // 11. Rina Wall Art]

I know artwork can be a deeply personal choice and often times holds a deeper meaning or feeling but I hope this serves as inspiration or a starting point for anyone trying to break into this seemingly intimidating process.



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