Baby Valentine’s Day Style Guide

I know the holidays are only a few short weeks behind us but I’m already excited for Valentine’s Day! Here in Chicago there’s not a whole lot to look forward to in January or February. The days are short, cold and we’re still stuck at home for the foreseeable future [thank you, COVID] so why not go all out celebrating Valentine’s Day this year!? I’ve never been one to celebrate in a big way in the past but something about having a kid makes even the smallest holidays feel more festive. To kick things off, I put together a short style guide for cute baby girl Valentine’s Day outfits. Palmer will definitely be partaking in the festivities this year and sporting a few of these pieces!

[1. Valentine Print Dress // 2. Patterned Jersey Dress // 3. Girl’s Heart Sweater Tunic & Stripped Knit Leggings Set // 4. Flare Long-Sleeve Jersey Dress // 5. Girls’ Heart Pajama Set // 6. Long-Sleeve Bodysuit // 7. Girls’ Heart Stripped Long-Sleeve Dress // 8. Girls’ Sweater Dress & Heart Tights Set // 9. Little Valentine Long-Sleeve Onesie // 10. Love/Lemons Footed Pajamas (baby sizes) // 11. Hearts Printed Pajamas // 12. Long John Pajamas]

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