A Complete Toddler & Infant Packing List

Over the last 18ish months, I’ve become a pro at packing for Palmer. Whether it’s a short trip to visit my parents in the suburbs or a week long vacation, I’ve got you covered! For simplicity sake, I broke the list into several sections and separated the infant specific items at the bottom. The lists are meant to build upon each other depending on the type of trip you’re packing far. In some instances, where it makes sense to pack extra or multiple depending on the trip duration, I’ve indicated so using an *asterisk.* And remember, this is meant to be a baseline packing list and not all inclusive so please use discretion and tailor it based on your specific destination and individual family/child’s needs.

{Palmer’s luggage for overnight trips!}

  • Overnight Trip Equipment: for multi-day or overnight trips
    • All Diaper Bag Essentials listed above +
  • Infant Additions [these are things that were on my list but we no longer use/pack now that Palmer is older]
    • Doona [Infant Car Seat + Stroller]

*Consider bringing extra depending on how long you’ll be gone.

I know it looks like a lot but it’s better to be prepared when traveling with an infant/toddler. I’ve experienced first hand and heard one too many stories about meltdowns and blowouts at the least opportune time that I’d rather overpack a few things than be left wanting. Happy packing!!



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