Top Baby Products: Two Months

 1.  Solly Baby Wrap

A few weeks in, Palmer’s sleep habits started to shift. Gone was the simplicity of feed, change, sleep (in anything, anywhere, all day long). Her fussiness seemed to increase and she loved to be held. This made getting things done during the day – eating, getting dressed, brushing my teeth, etc. – very challenging. Enter the Solly Baby Wrap. It was the perfect solution because it allowed me to hold her close and still go about my day. It got me out of my PJs and back into the real world and even worked wonders for our first airplane rides together.

2.  BabyBjörn Balance Soft Cotton Bouncer

I’d venture to say this bouncer is by far one of our favorite baby items, and the older Palmer gets, the more she {and I} love it. It’s super lightweight, simple to wash and folds flat for easy storage and travel. Most of the time, Palmer is content to just kick her legs and bounce away but if she’s fussy, I’ll sometimes put an activity gym in front to occupy her.

3.  Blooming Bath Lotus

They tell you not to fully submerge your baby in a water bath until the umbilical cord has dried up and fallen off. For Palmer, that didn’t happen until she was almost 8 weeks old so we stuck to sink sponge baths and this cushy flower was perfect for keeping her safe from hard edges and comfortable in any sink design.

4.  Book: On Becoming Baby Wise

There are a ton of sleep training books, coaches, methods, you name it, out there. We didn’t read too much ahead of time and, as you know, invested in the SNOO as our failsafe for sleep training. However, we did have friends give us the Baby Wise book which we both read on our Babymoon to Harbour Island. If I’m being honest, I found it difficult to digest at the time but I went back and reread it when Palmer was about six weeks old and have attempted to apply the whole eat, awake, sleep mantra it advises. I also flip back through it regularly when something pops up that I want to reference. Something must be working because she’s been sleeping through the night since she was six weeks old.


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